Mission Statement

The Moss Street Partnership School is an active, innovative teaching and learning environment for K-5 children; their parents and families; teachers, administrators, librarians, and other school staff; and professional education preparation students where ALL students learn to be contributors to their families and communities and to pursue their dreams and aspirations. To this end, the Moss Street Partnership School has a fully inclusive, collaborative culture that is learner-centered and learner-led.

Guiding Principles

  • Inclusive: Fully inclusive school culture that ensures that all students thrive.  
  • Collaborative: Faculty, staff, and students collaborate with families, the community, and the University to ensure that children receive high-quality instruction, support, and services in a caring learning environment.  
  • Experiential: Values learning experientially, empowering students through authentic learning experiences.
  • Interdisciplinary: Embraces an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.
  • Reflective: Faculty, staff, and students engage in reflective practices that cultivate and extend their learning.

The Partnership School emphasizes three primary instructional approaches to increase academic achievement:

  1. Experiential learning actively engages students in exploring big ideas, thinking critically, experimenting, solving problems, making meaning, and reflecting on their learning. Students participate in hands-on projects, service-learning, and collaborative activities that support them in becoming self-directed, solving problems, and understanding connections among subjects.
  2. Interdisciplinary units provide opportunities for students to explore relevant issues of specific interest that provide hands-on learning experiences, real-world application of knowledge, and authentic opportunities to contribute to their school and broader community.
  3. Creative Arts & Physical Education (CAPE) is a vital component of a child’s complete educational experience. We are committed to providing our students creative and artistic exploration through a full arts-based and movement-based program, including music, theatre, dance, visual arts, and physical education.