The Moss Street Partnership School is a collaborative effort between UNC Greensboro, Rockingham County Schools and the Reidsville community to provide an exceptional educational experience for the children of Rockingham County. The school emphasizes partnership with the local community through an advisory board made up of Reidsville community members to create new and real opportunities for students to succeed, grow, and fulfill their potential.

The Partnership School leverages the expertise and resources of UNCG, and the UNCG School of Education, School of Health and Human Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts to bring new ideas, programs and opportunities to students. Through this partnership, students benefit from expanded instructional capacity integrated with broad wrap-around services – like counseling and nutritional programs – to support students’ health, social development, and emotional well-being.

Our approaches to teaching and learning are built on the belief that learning is social and students learn by doing. The Partnership School provides a core academic program that is literacy-rich, civic-minded, and focused on science, technology, engineering, visual and performing arts, and mathematics (STEAM). Student learning is enhanced through active and collaborative learning experiences that include service-learning and field trip opportunities.

A Love of Learning

Children develop positive teaching and learning relationships with other students and adults to grow their academic performance and social confidence.

Modern Classrooms

Children use technology to learn academic skills and broaden their horizons to grow. Service-learning opportunities teach children how to contribute to their communities.

World-Class Educators

Children learn from licensed teachers, UNCG faculty, student teachers and interns, family members, and volunteers from Rockingham County and beyond.