Student Eligibility

MSPS Admissions

A child is eligible to attend Moss Street Partnership School if the child resides in Rockingham County AND meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Is assigned to a low-performing school at the time of application
  • Did not meet expected growth in the prior school year based on grades, observations, diagnostic or formative assessments, state assessments, or other factors including reading on grade level
  • Is the sibling of a child who is eligible to attend as outlined above

Admissions Policy

Student Enrollment Process

Moss Street Partnership School is a public elementary school operated by UNC Greensboro. A Kindergarten through fifth grade student who lives in Rockingham County and who is assigned to a low-performing school or demonstrates that s/he did not meet expected growth in the prior school year can apply to attend. The Partnership School is authorized to enroll up to 450 students. However, class size considerations may limit the number of students who are enrolled in each grade. Enrollment limits are established each Spring, and the enrollment period for the following year begins in March and continues until the grade or school has reached capacity. There are no costs associated with Partnership School enrollment.

Parents who are interested in enrolling their child(ren) should complete an enrollment form and submit it to the school office. If a grade has reached its enrollment limit, the child’s name is placed on a waiting list. When a seat opens in that grade, parents are contacted and given the option to enroll the child. Children who are enrolled at the Partnership School are automatically enrolled for the next year.

Enrollment Form